Morel Mushroom (Guchchi Chyau)

In the spring of the year, the Woods of Wisconsin (pun intended) provide us with a wild delicacy. Depending on the rain and temperature in the spring. We believe Morel Mushrooms have a distinct flavor like no other mushroom! It's just too hard to explain... you need to try them to discover that delicate taste

Jatamasi (Spikenard)

Jatamansi (Spikenard): is a flowering plant of the Valerian family that grows in the Himalayas of Nepall, also found growing in the northern region of India and China. The plant grows to about 1 m in height and has pink, bell-shaped flowers. It is found in the altitude of about 3000–5000 meters. It is mostly used for herbal medicine said to fight insomnia, birth difficulties, and other minor ailments.

Kutki (Picrorhiza Hellobore)

This Ayurvedic herb is found in the western Himalayas in Nepal. It is a medicine specially used for asthma, candidiasis, constipation, arthritis, dysbiosis, eczema, liver diseases, viral liver disease.

Dalechuk (Seabuckthron)

The sea-buckthorns are deciduous shrubs in the genus Hippophae, family Elaeagnaceae. The name sea-buckthorn is hyphenated here to avoid confusion with the buckthorns. It is also referred to as sandthorn, sallowthorn, or seaberry. Sea buckthorn berries are used for preventing infections, improving sight, and slowing the aging process.

Panchaunle (Marsh Orchis Salep)

Panchaunle is perennial herbs of temperate hill found in between 3000 to 3500 m altitude. Its root is divided into five fingers like parts and closely resembles with palm and finger so it is popularly known as Panchaunle in Nepali. Its root is edible and used for asthma, anemia, cuts, cough, stimulant and tonic in homeopathy.

Bojho (Acorus Calamus)

Acorus Calamus (Bojho) is the botanical name of the plant more commonly known as calamus. Other common names of calamus include calamus root, flag root, muskrat root, sweet calomel, sweet flag, sweet sedge, and many other names.

SATUWA (Paris Polyphylla Smith)

Satuwa (Love Apple) is Mostly Available in 1800m to 3000m Hight of Himalayan area which is used for Herbal Medicine.


Yarsagumba or Yarchagumbu is an exceptional and incredible herb that grows in the pastures above 3,300 meters upto 4000 meters in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. Yarsagumba literally means summer plant and winter insect (dong cong xia cao) in Tibetan. In India it is usually known as 'Kira Jhar' which means Insect Plant . Scientific name of this herb is Cordyceps Sinensis.

Himalayan Rhododendron Tea

Himalayan Rhododendron Tea (ilam black tea with rhododendron flower) :- It is a sort orthodox leaf tea which is produced by mixing orthodox ilam black Tea with Rhododendron flower cultivated in high altitude. It has a mesmerized taste with much healthy merits.


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